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What is Digital Citizenship

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The 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship (opening)

Collection of images to explain the nine elements of digital citizenship.

A Student's View of Digital Citizenship (video)  



The Digital Citizen Website 

Explains digital citizenship and the nine elements.  Offers links to resources and publications on digital citizenship. 

Blogs about Digital Citizenship in Schools

Find out the latest commentary on digital citizenship issues.  Each blog has related tags listed.

Digital Citizenship: A Project Based Activity

Greenwich Public Schools' (CT) Action Plan for developing instruction for the students, professional development for the staff, and home-school communication.


Digital Citizenship and Creative Content

Free instructional program focusing on the creative rights in the digital world and the ethical use of those digital files.

Digital Citizenship -The Road to Becoming a Digital Citizen

A web quest for middle school students to earn their "driver's license" of becoming a Digital Citizen.  Students will explore the nine elements of digital citizenship. (middle)




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